Millennium Combo, text by Andrea Bellini

Carola Bonfili’s artistic research plays with the rules of vision, questioning our common way of perceiving the reality that surrounds us. In line with this approach, the video Millenium Combo shows a series of filmic details of an inflatable structure that continuously changes its shape. The sequences are edited in such a way as to emphasize, above all, the slow, at times sensual movements. The variations and changes become a challenge for the eye, unable to grasp clear contours and distinct forms, arousing in the viewer unexpected and unconscious associations The spectator starts to inhabit the space of the work, involved in a dynamism that stimulates the creation of individual imaginary worlds. Millenium Combo seems to suggest challenging the sense of sight, considered one of the most fundamental and one of the most objective human senses to grasp reality. The images proposed by the artist go beyond the sense of the real object, in this case the inflatable structure, abandoning the sense of space and time and becoming a sounding board for an inner world beyond immediate perception.